Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ikea Adventure

My sister Aleisha and I love Ikea, so we'll take any excuse to cruise over there, especially around a meal time, but she'd just changed rooms and needed some new furniture. We had a large chunk of time, and no where to be, which is the ideal situation for an Ikea trip. We sauntered around the isles, played with the measuring tape and eventually wound up at the restaurant. They actually had mashed potatoes this time so all the workers were spared, and we ate like kings for under $10. Don't knock the "Princess Cake", it looks a little plastic but it's delicious. We debated over lunch whether Aleisha should buy the large picture of Paris she wanted that had dropped in price. For some reason, it didn't occur to me until we got to the car with the picture on the cart that I drive a hatchback Chevy Metro and itmight not fit.

Who cares if both seats need to be all the way forward, it fits, success! To celebrate, we rode around on the shopping carts!

At home, as we were painstakingly assembling the furniture, we talked about how cool it would be if the furniture assembled itself. Like a pop-up card, or those easy up tents. Imagine your lamp pop out of the box when you open it. Or even better, Ikea furniture transformers style! Watch your lamp transform into an sofa! I wish they'd let me have a crack at their commercials.

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