Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mid 20's life on the edge

I constantly marvel at how our perceptions change as we get older. Since realizing that I'm getting old and boring, I realized my daily excitement has also changed. No longer do I care about going shopping for new clothes, or staying up as late as possible, or going out to clubs. Lately some silly things give me that edge of excitement I crave, such as:

1. Putting off getting gas
Talk about playing a game of roulette! I used to fill up when I got to a quarter of a tank, but lately rolling in on fumes, and wondering slightly if I'll make it has it's thrill.

2. Walking away from grocery shopping cart
I used to guard the thing like they were already my possessions and everyone in the store was looking to steal them, but lately I walk away just for fun. Maybe someone will buy them, transport them, and put them away at my house with any luck.

3. When things go on sale
I seem to be the only one in my generation that knows what a raincheck is. Look into it. Seriously.

4. Book comes in at the library
I have exclaimed in excitement before, but this is severely jarring for the innocent, quiet library goers.

Yup. Pretty exciting :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bad fighters

I was getting into my car the other day when I heard the end of an argument between two of my neighbours about parking. I heard the one guy closest to me say, "Don't think I don't see what you're doing here, keep it up and I'll...well I'll...put a bunch of spare tires around your truck!" and I laughed. What a threat! How awful would that be to move those tires!

It made me realize I have an appreciation for bad fighters. Lets face it, good fighters, those people who get into altercations all the time and know how to handle themselves, they're just no fun.

Maybe it's because I definitely fit the bill of a bad fighter. I never usually end the sentence, "Yea, well do that and I'll..." with anything threatening. Something ridiculous comes stumbling out, and it's usually followed with my thinking, "gawd, that was stupid.." It's ok to laugh.

"Yea well, I'll stop doing your laundry then!!" Or I forget its a threat altogether and offer to do something nice. "Yea well, I'll just do your laundry for the rest of my life then!!"

By the way, when you google "verbal altercation" this picture of Justin Beiber comes up.

Way to go kid, you're making us proud to be Canadian. :P

Saturday, July 19, 2014

It just got weird...

Sometimes I feel self conscious posting blog posts like my last one, "Likeness" because it wasn't funny. My regular readers might have been waiting for the punch line that never came, the part where I opened my mouth and screwed it all up in a funny way. But then I realized it got 50 page views, and lots weren't from my friends. Strange to think that strangers might be interested in what I have to say. And that opens me up to cyber stalkers! Can you imagine? How fun!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All of us

You've probably heard John Legend's song, All Of Me on the radio, its a very touching, heartwarming song. The music video matches the sentiment perfectly too. And I don't much like it. This idea of "giving all of yourself to someone" isn't a new idea, but it doesn't make much sense does it? What do you have left when they up and take off with all of you? Nothing? Alright, go ahead and defend true love, tell me I don't understand because maybe I've never felt the kind of love that's all encompassing and makes you WANT to give that all up, but I'm not convinced.

I don't think any one thing in your life should get ALL of you. I bet you're missing out on something else important like your job, your family or life in general. Or what about time for yourself and your well being, wait...opps, you gave all of you away. I found that having time, hobbies and friends apart actually made my relationships up to this point healthier. Sorry ladies if I ruined the song for you. Sorry gentlemen, but all of me just ain't up for grabs.

I was also upset to see that despite the lyrics, "loves all your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections" that the chick in that video clearly didn't have any of the above.

Skinny and gorgeous. Maybe a couple imperfections like parallel parking, or cooking. Lets just give her the benefit of the doubt.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It's probably taken me too long to realize this, but sometimes people don't like you, and there's not a thing you can do about it. Anyone who knows me well knows its makes me uncomfortable when I know someone doesn't like me, and I'm observant and hypersensitive, so I'm rarely wrong. The recent revelation for me is that now I believe people have that right. They don't need me in their face trying to figure out why, or what I did to make them feel that way, or trying to change something about myself to make them change their mind.

Maybe they have their reasons, maybe they don't, maybe they don't make sense, but that's ok. Its a character flaw in me that sometimes its not ok. No amount of being overly nice, thoughtful or anything else is going to change that, and probably just reinforces their feelings of distaste.

People have been telling me this in some form or another all me life, but it just clicked. For one I'm generally pretty happy, and I'm a morning person, both of which annoy some people right off the bat. There's always going to be people who don't like you, and I've always known that, but now I think I'm fine with it, without it being a reflection on them either. I've always admired people who had so much confidence, they didn't give a care in the world when people clearly don't like them, and I doubt I'll ever get to that point, but consider this new leaf turned.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Static panties

So this one isn't my story, but it's worth sharing. I had a client the other day who reached his hand in his pocket and immediately looked absolutely horrified. When he pulled his hand back out, he sighed in releif. I asked him what the problem was, expecting him to tell me a usual story about his convienence card or something similar. He said, "I don't know whats changed lately about our laundry, but I keep pulling my wife's slinky underwear out of my clothes!" Evidently it wasn't one or two times, its happened to this poor guy like 5-6 times. "Once I had two in one sweatshirt! Damn static!"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One whoop per group

I was walking back from yoga down one of the main streets in Calgary with a friend of mine, when we got cat called at. My friend and I both agreed this was a miracle on it's own considering the state of us, but when I argued it was probably at her, she disagreed. I told her that there was only one "whoop", and therefore it was clearly for her, and if there had been two, one would have been for me. That's when she argued, nope, one whoop per group.