Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Say waaaaaa?

A friend of mine convinced me to try a shopping app, and to cater the products better, it asked what my interests were. 

Bottom left. HUMAN HAIR? There's a market for that? Like hair extensions? How is that it's own category? On the bright side, should I get hard up, I can just grow out my flowy locks and sell them! Dyed of course. No one will beleive all the gray came from a 28 year old otherwise. I barely beleive it. 

Psychic bagel

There I am, on my break at work, sipping on my Timmies tea, just having scarfed down a toasted bagel with butter, when I get THIS email: 

Now before everyone (aka: Kyle's whole family I just added to Facebook) gets their panties in a knot, let's be clear. I am not actively seeking romance, online or otherwise. Are you kidding me? One man is enough to keep track of! That just sounds like a lot of work. So unfortunately for my blog, my online dating days are behind me. 

But that's not what my mind jumped to when I got this, I was thinking, "Holy shit balls! How did it know? I just ate a bagel, and now it LIKES ME? How did it email me from my belly? How is this possible?"

Yes. That was my first thought before, "Oh darn, I thought I'd signed right out/off/deleted all these silly things..." 

Sunday, August 28, 2016


There was a very distinct moment when I knew there was no denying I'm a cat person. It was not the cat shirt. 

It was not the cat bag.

It was not the cat mugs. 

Nope, it wasn't those things.

It wasn't even the endless cat snaps! 

It was this. 

Don't focus on the very manly "his" nightstand of the two his and hers, although I've decked it out like I'm excited I have a need for it in my life. 

It's the glass. Let me give you some back story. I distinctly remember being at a family members house over the holidays a few years back, who were cat owners. While I was sitting on the couch, they warned me not to drink the glass of water sitting beside me on the coffee table. "That's the cats water" they said. "She just started drinking out of our glass one day, so now we refill it specifically for her" I distinctly remember thinking how nuts they were, and how strange cat people can be. 

Fast forward a few years. Kyle likes bringing a glass of water to bed, but a few times I caught Beasty drinking out of it. So then I started refilling it every couple of days. Then I changed the glass to have a wider mouth on it so her little face doesn't get stuck when she drinks too much and the water level goes down. Now I change the glass and her water dish, the latter of the two which is always still full. 

...and now I'm officially #catcrazy. I have this theory that it's the ammonia in their pee that flips something in human's brains. Or the cat hair we ingest. Whatever it is, it's happened. 

I'm a sucker. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Downdog upbutt

A friend of mine teaches yoga and put on a Yoga in the Park event. Since I wanted her to have some good shots, I keep pealing away to take pictures. 

When I saw an opportunity for someone else to take the pictures, I got all excited. Then I'll be in some! 


Oh GAWD! ...nevermind...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sky view

Have you seen this new app they came out with? Well, it's probably been out for years, but I just learned about it. It's a phone app where you point your device at the sky, and it maps out constilations for you, even identifies space junk and which space endeavour it was from. 

We were rocking it around the campfire in Salmon Arm, it was just the coolest thing. Amazing. Would have completely changed the astrology class I took in college. If stars are your thing, check this out. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spread the loves

Anyone who has me on Facebook is aware how much I overuse the "like" button, but it represents real life, I like everything. Newly added recently is a "love" button, along with a "sad" "angry" "wow" "haha". 

But when is it socially appropriate to use the "love" button? Should it be based on a reflection of how close you are to that person in real life? As in, "I haven't seen Jenn since high school and she just LOVED this picture of our daughter, creeeppppyy" Sometimes before I hit the "love" button, I evaluate how close I feel to that person. Will they misinterpret my love? Will they be non-accepting of my love? I always feel so honoured when someone LOVES my stuff. Spread the love people. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Foams and fogurt

Of the things I'll miss when I change stages in my life, nights like tonight will make the list. 

Post Judo bubble bath. That's coconut yogurt with blueberry-cicles, and it's delish. Don't believe the carton's expiry date on this one. I bought it back when I was shopping for my grandparents to stay with me. For my birthday. In June. The lid says "June 10/16" but it took me this long to work up the courage to try it. Now the verdict it still out you might say, we shall see how I feel tomorrow, but so far so good. 

Hard to say if I would eventually trade that in for help into this dress, which took an honest 10 minutes and all the yoga flexibility I could muster. 

Someone to negotiate into all my least favourite household chores might sway the vote. But I'm told there's some downsides to living with a sig nif. What's your deal breakers? Comment on my post.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Overseas text

Sometimes when I haven't blogged for a while I wonder if nothing exciting has happened to me, or I'm just not feeling inspired. Tonight I don't know if it was more exciting getting an overseas text at 2am, or that I was actually awake to read it. Don't give me too much credit, I had a nap earlier that got out of hand. Has this happened to you though? The text, not the nap...

It's also worth mentioning I was watching Pink do a cover of Cindy Lauper's "Time after time" when I got the "one more time" text, so naturally, I was tripping balls. So I did what anyone in my generation would do, and I googled it. Of course it did not disappoint. 

Oh! So this is fun! I get scroll to my country code and see where my text is from...

49 is Germany! Now keep in mind, as someone who hasn't done much travelling...ok, that's an understatement. I'ver never left the continent, so the people I know abroad are limited to people I know from here, who have for whatever reason, travelled there. This is a select few, in a select few places. 

Poland!!! Nope. I know nobody. And I'm scared shitless to text them back, because gawd knows what that will cost me on my phone bill. But this document, secret intelligence? Treasure map? The secret of life? With my luck, some poor Polish kid got confused sending their homework for a group project, but dude, that's pretty confused! Also, it is 11:34am on a Saturday there, I googled that too. Plan your time better my little confused friend. Rock on all weekend and do all your homework Sunday night like the C average kid you can be! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

TV Society

I got a call while I'm on vacation from my internet service provider offering me a good deal on TV service. I told him I don't have tv service and he laughed at me. Full on cackled. "Well when you do sign up...blah blah blah" Why is it a given that I'll soon get cable vision? 

That night I was watching a few consecutive episodes of Bones on Netflix. After a couple, before it started the next episode, it asked me if I was still watching, and I had to click "yes" for it to continue. Because if I was binge watching and I fell asleep, it would turn off for me. How curteous! 

In unrelated news, I have a couple concerns about our societies reliance on TV...

Monday, August 1, 2016

20,000 Hits

I kept waiting for my blog to hit 20,000 hits so I could celebrate. And by celebrate I mean sing YOUR praises for making this so fun for me. When I write a blog post and less than 5 people read it, it tends to take away from it a little. Not that those 5 people aren't important, thanks Grams, but when 200 people read what I write, it feels impactful. What kind of impact you say? Not much. I'm happy if I make someone laugh on their morning commute. It's you that make it all worth while. When I'm at a friends house party (rare these days I'll admit) and someone says, "I love your blog!" it makes me feel pretty damn good. I'll always say "Do you read my blog? Oh, well I think I'm pretty darn look me up!"

I see you.