Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Think outside the box a little, it's the only way to survive! Especially in public washrooms, where despite someone steeling the hook, at Ikea no less, putting your purse on the floor is simply not an option. No hook thief will ruin my day! Is a hook thief called a hooker? Buya!

Topless meet cute

If you haven't seen the movie "The Holiday" get on it. But you can't borrow my copy, because I already lent it out once, never got it back and had to re-buy it.

So in the movie it describes the first time the two people meet as the meet cute. I had a first interaction with a random guy that was so strange I couldn't keep it to myself. A while back I dropped by Aleisha's work specifically to drop off a jacket I'd borrowed, but then I got a smoothie, and chit chatted, and eventually got back to my car, jacket still in my possession. So even though I was running late (when am I not?) I decided to run it back in, literally run. As I flung open the door, a guy turned the corner and started to come out. He was all, "Oh this is great! A new kind of chivalry, a girl that holds the door for the guy!" I smiled, but this is still not too out of the ordinary right? So I give Aleisha her jacket, and head back for my car. As I pass the minivan parked beside me, there's door guy, half-naked, blocking my drivers side door. I was a little awe-struck, not because a ripped guy is now smiling at me, and blushing, but I literally had no where to go. What are the chances of that? He thought it was just great, and wanted to chat me up again. I waited until he was finished changing, and then I got in my car and left, still laughing.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Trainwreck Facebook friend

We all have at least one person on Facebook whom we follow because they're a trainwreck. Why we follow those people might be a little different, maybe it's for comic relief, or to feel better about yourself and your life. But I almost guarantee you there's someone who when they're posts come up you think, "For a regular person, this is ludicrous, but for this person, just another day in the life.." Sometimes I'll be sitting around doing whatever it is I do in my daily life and when a notification goes off on my phone I get excited. I think, "here we go, can't wait, it's so-and-so" No, I'm not giving away my sources, but keep up the good work trainwrecks!

For the record, the word "trainwreck" must be code for large bundles of pot, because that's what came up when I googled it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


For those of you who find my blog through my Facebook wall, you might have been a little confused when one of my recent posts popped up. When I wrote  "Hard choice", it popped up on my Facebook wall with the same picture of Greg as in the post, but without the birthday cake. I might have accidentally generated more pageveiws. Anyways, Greg and I are happy as clams, just celebrated our four year anniversary earlier this month. I hope those 40 people weren't disappointed to find out the hard choice was between Star Trek or beer. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Grisly 10k

For the third time time now, I set out to run the BC Cancer Foundation's 10k Underwear Affair, but this year I was armed with a goal. I wanted to run it in under and hour. The first year I ran it in 1h24m, and the year before I'd run it in 1h12mins, so I was just shaving off another 12 minutes right? 

Well the truth is, this determination to reach my goal ultimately lead to my demise. I wanted to get there so badly that before the run when one of the vendors offered me something and said, "this will give you energy!" I ate it. I ate it all. If it wasn't for my Uncle Kevin running with me and telling me to breath and coaching me, I probably wouldn't have finished. I had a large herd of UNICORNS trying to get out of my STOMACH by the 3rd kilometer. The 8th wasn't so hot either. It helped having a friendly face at the third water station, my friend Sarah volunteered this year, what a sweetheart.

When I crossed the finish line, I thought the clock said 1h5mins, and I was disappointed, but happy considering. Aleisha had some trouble with her asthma, so we hit the medical tent, where I released the unicorns into their garbage can, but look, they gave me this cute little barf bag!

When we checked our times later, mine came up at 1h10mins, with Uncle Kevin just behind me, and Aleisha not far after that. We hit the beer tent, and then the after party together and had a great night. All in all the event was a BLAST and I loved it. 

And next year, watch out -10k in under an hour is within my reach :) 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hard choice

For Gregs birthday last week, I decided to take the responsibility of getting him a cake, and his favourite are the Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. So when I called a couple days before to order it, I answered all the usual questions. "For how many people? When can you pick it up? What do you want it to say?" and then they asked me what I wanted on the cake. In the past I've gotten him beer, and one year I think I got Star Trek, so I asked for both. I don't know what I was expecting, William Shatner holding up a mug of beer ready to CHEERS Greg off the cake or something, but logically she answered they couldn't do both. They have preset designs the shape of the cake they just put on, and both won't fit. 
"So what do you want? Beer or Star Trek?"
It was jarring how hard of a choice it was. I chose beer. He said he would have gone with Star Trek. I bet it tasted the same. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Four way stop procedure

When I was learning to drive, my dad, who gladly let my aunt and driving school do most of the work, would occasionally work in lessons while we were driving together, me as the passenger of course. One day we pulled up to a four way stop and dad asked me, "who goes first in a four way stop?" and I diligently rehearsed what I'd read in my driving book, "the vehicle who gets to the intersection first, or if it's around the same time, the person on the right to the.." and then dad interrupted as he gunned it,
"NOPE! It's the person with the bigger BALLS!" 

But lets face it, he kind of had a point, because we've all been to that four-way stop where NO ONE had ANY BALLS. I was there yesterday at the four way stop just in front of my old high school, Terry Fox Secondary in Poco. Of course its summer, because it never would have happened that way if pretentious new drivers had anything to do with it. So I pulled up behind one car to realize that no one was moving, in any direction. I had no idea what had happened before I got there, so I don't know who was attempting to be courteous, or just plain dumb. But they even went as far to start to go and stop at the same time, similar to how two people get stuck trying to pass one another in a crowded hallway. Eventually someone waved someone else on, and I've never been so happy to leave an intersection, it was just so painful to watch.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I can't tell if this is a genius way to embarrass someone, or if someone just found this thong on the road and wanted the owner to see them and get them back. Considering this was taken on a Tuesday morning, it must have been one heck of a Monday night.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dress bliss

I love shopping alone because it's so care-free. You get to spend as long as you like in stores, go into whatever stores you like, leave after 5 minutes if you feel like it...but there is one major downside. When I try things on, I value that second opinion, and lets be honest, the sales clerks are usually biased. If you're running solely on that opinion, I'd grab something you know looks hideous and get their opinion just to gauge their honesty. But I've also found another strategy that works quite well:  

I'm sure this isn't allowed, but then I text my friends and family to get the yea or nah. In the case of the last sparkly light purple dress, I posted it to Facebook to get people's opinions. This also backfired on me because I used the caption, "say yes to the dress?" and one of my aunts thought I was getting married. Oops!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Indy

The other day as I was leaving for work, I stopped at the door thinking. "I can't leave my prescription sunglasses on the coffee table like that!" and then I remembered I didn't live with a four-legged menace anymore who would find them and eat them. It was in that moment that I actually missed the damn dog.
And then I remembered how he slept on my pillows...

And drank from my cup when I wasn't looking...

And whatever he's doing in this shot where he's clearly up to no good...

And then that "miss you" feeling left as quickly as it came :)