Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hill ride

Since I was only doing a shorter ride yesterday, I decided to make it count and ride up a big hill we have in my city, Coast Meridian road. I'd ridden it once with dad back in the day, he kicked my butt! I was going pretty good, in the lowest gear, grinding away.  At the intersection at David Ave, a lady leaned out her car and said, "good for you! That's a big hill!!" Thank you stranger. 

I ride some of the way with a kid too, he couldn't have been 13-14. I kept saying things like, "keep at it! You're almost there" and "pick it up buddy, I'm catching up!" I was pretty sweaty when I got to the top. 

And the sunset was so nice yesterday!! 

The way down was totally worth it. A guy in a truck going the other way honked and yelled "good job!" So threw a fist in the air (just one, gotta be safe) and whooped! Then I check to make sure my nipples weren't showing through my shirt. They weren't. 

It wouldn't surprise me if Dad beat me up last night too. Three hard kilometres though, it felt good. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Singleness do's and do not's

I've been single for eight months now, so in practically an expert. Hardy har har. Ok so I've compiled a list of observations set out as guidelines...

DO go underwear shopping
If your collection is anything like mine was right out a long term relationship, time to invest. Sexy underwear for me usually includeds some awful combination of lace and animal print. With every new pair, throw out a pair with holes...

DO NOT keep your ex on social media
If you do, be prepared to find out with the rest of the world when he's dating someone new. I dated a guy once who three days after we broke up, his new girlfriend posted a picture of them in bed together. Ew. 

DO try some new things
You'll probably have a lot of free time to fill, try something you've never done. Sign up for an art class. Try Zumba. Say yes to the random Facebook invite. You might find yourself having fun, and meeting new people. Or if you're like me, in some strange situations with lots of good blog material...

DO NOT call your ex at 3am
He does not want to hear from you, or maybe worse, he does. You broke up for a reason, this is NEVER a good call. 

DO something you've always wanted to
No strings attached means don't hold back. That secret ambition you're embarrassed to let out? Do it! 

DO NOT rebound
It's never pretty is it? Yes we all know that one person who it worked out for, but I'm willing to bet we also know ten who it didn't, if we properly inventory. And let's keep that poor other persons feelings in mind while we dive in before we're properly ready. 

DO you 
Let your freak flag fly. Not everyone is a hiking, rich, spontaneous, dog loving vegan. I'm weary for "I'm normal!" Sounds boring to me, if you in fact are, ya weirdo. Freak on. 

Got nailed

I'm feeling like a huge gimp today because of a series of unfortunate events that have people wondering if I'm doing it on purpose. The bruise on my left arm from Tough Mudder is still healing. Then Monday I got a golf ball sized bruise on the front of my right arm from loading my bike on the rack for my training ride. On Wednesday I got an old Christmas light nail in my leg from my friends lawn.
I used to tell people I do well in panic situations, but appriently that's only if it's other people are panicking, because when I saw the nail hanging out, I was all screams, yelling and cursing until it was removed. (Thanks Kevin!)
So yesterday I had to get a tetnus shot in my left arm for the leg. 
Darn good thing the bungee cord I took to the face Sunday trying to get my bike on didn't bruise, people would be asking where the trunk went that ran me over. 
I think it's a combination of being a clutz, and I bruise easy. Compiled with a willingness to do rididculous things like Tough Mudder. Good thing I have a convincing smile!