Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living in lasts...

I'm trying very hard lately not to live my life in lasts. Although this week has been and will be full of them, including last time sleeping in my room, last time closing at Rogers, last time doing my chore...I'm trying to think of my life in firsts. It's the first time I'm leaving home to live on my own. The first time I'll think of my wage by the year instead of by the hour. Although highly uncharacteristic of me, it'll be the first time I've pushed my comfort zone this far, and taken a leap of stupidity on a dream. Although I must admit it's been somewhat uneventful because so far no guys have confessed their secret undying love for me, and no one but me has cried yet. On a more serious note, I appreciate everyone's support, you've all been great and I super appreciate it. After this, I'm going to go dig up my bright yellow rain gear.  

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