Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yuletide Panic

During the holidays this year, instead of being an elf, I'm working at the Share gift wrap station. I learned how to curl ribbon in the first few shifts as they weren't too busy. As it gets closer to Christmas though, people are starting to come up to the counter in a panic. Today I had a lady and her husband come up with four gifts. They were sweaters, and the couple even managed to get boxes for them (a rarity this time of year.) After I got her information, I started to give her coupons and tag the items, when all of sudden she started to get extremely flustered. She grabbed at the sweaters, the tags and the bags she had them in, muttering about the prices on them, and how she was going to tell them apart when they were wrapped. In her fit, she was starting to screw with my system. Without even thinking I looked her in the eyes and said, "It's OK, I GOT THIS!" When she looked at me, we shared a moment. I put on the best trusting face I could muster, and her shoulders sunk as she smiled. The presents will be fine, we'll get there. It's OK, the holidays will be over soon.

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