Friday, April 6, 2012


Over Easter, I worked at a store that sold chocolates, and as you can imagine, it was super busy. Not only that, but everyone was going crazy about buying their Easter candies, especially the peanut butter customers. They are a whole new breed of crazy, and you do not want to get between them and their peanut butter, trust me. That is a bad place to be.
Anyhow, the week leading up to Easter, we had crazy line ups. The upside to this is shifts went by super quickly. When I'd occasionally check the time, I was usually surprised. One such day when I was due to be off at 3pm, I checked the clock after helping a customer to see it was 2:59. Without even thinking about it, I helped the next customer in line, which took my until 3:04. I couldn't help but think of all the times I'd been helped past when people were supposed to be off, and how helping that one extra person gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Now you have it too, quick - pass it on!

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