Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Since living together, my roommate and I have had a few sitcom moments, and one of my favourites happened in the first month I was here. Kirsty was sweet enough to cook us dinner, chicken and some fixings. I glanced at the fridge on the way to the living room, thinking I didn't want to hurt her feelings, or offend her by putting ketchup on my chicken. Most of my friends and family know I put ketchup on MOST foods. Chicken, roast, roasted potatoes..the list goes on. But some people take it the wrong way, after all it is a condiment. So I decided to take one for the team and go without. Then Kirsty came around the corner, ketchup in hand. When I said, "whats the ketchup for?" She started in on the same speech I usually give, and I interrupted her with a tear in my eye. "Me too! I eat ketchup on everything too!" And from then on the ketchup makes it to the table for most meals, shame free.

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