Monday, October 29, 2012

Applying for a Job 1100

Every retail job I've had, the comic relief has always been what some people will wear/say/do when they are applying to work there. I just can't believe how clueless some people can be. I've compiled a list of donts, because the do's list would just be the opposite, and it's more fun this way.

DON'T come with your mom, dad, or bff.
DON'T let your mom ask for applications on your behalf. I'm always tempted to put stars on these so I know with whom they're coming back.
DON'T wear a t-shirt, but especially an inappropriate one. "That's not what your mom said last night.."
DON'T wear your lulu's/jeans/sweater. Dress fancy, or at least as dressed up as you would need to be to work there.
DON'T try to apply to a place that's super busy, it's annoying.
DON'T ask for a pen if you're dumb enough not to have brought one with you to fill out the application. It's also annoying. Ask another store.  Buy one. Take it home and drop it off later.
DON'T wear anything see through, too short or too low. It's gross.
DON'T put your resume down on the counter and slide it over.
DON'T throw your resume at me.
DON'T roll out of bed and show up. Combs were invented a 100 years ago for a reason.
DON'T look dumb faced when you're asked why you would want to work here. That means you don't. Have a half intelligent/thought out answer for this one.
DON'T apply somewhere you don't want to work. It shows.

Dammit people, you're making a first impression on someone. The likelihood of you being the only one who applied is slim. Don't give them an obvious reason to put you in the "NO!" pile.

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