Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rando event

One thing I value more as I get older is following through with my commitments. Doesn't matter if I was complete idiot when I made plans, completely disregarding my own sleep and well being, if I said I was going to be there, I want to be more than anything. That being said, we also have that one friend we always seem to flake on (sorry Nick!) and the one friend who always flakes on you. You know who you are, missy. 

On that same notion, when I put that I'm going on Facebook, I intend on going. And that random event that person you don't know so well invited you to? Go. I mean it. Push the bounds of your comfort zone, and your core group of friends. I've started saying yes more often to these invites, and I've never been disappointed. Even if I don't have fun, I have something to blog about.

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