Thursday, July 2, 2015

Got nailed

I'm feeling like a huge gimp today because of a series of unfortunate events that have people wondering if I'm doing it on purpose. The bruise on my left arm from Tough Mudder is still healing. Then Monday I got a golf ball sized bruise on the front of my right arm from loading my bike on the rack for my training ride. On Wednesday I got an old Christmas light nail in my leg from my friends lawn.
I used to tell people I do well in panic situations, but appriently that's only if it's other people are panicking, because when I saw the nail hanging out, I was all screams, yelling and cursing until it was removed. (Thanks Kevin!)
So yesterday I had to get a tetnus shot in my left arm for the leg. 
Darn good thing the bungee cord I took to the face Sunday trying to get my bike on didn't bruise, people would be asking where the trunk went that ran me over. 
I think it's a combination of being a clutz, and I bruise easy. Compiled with a willingness to do rididculous things like Tough Mudder. Good thing I have a convincing smile! 

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