Friday, September 9, 2011

Big world for a girl with small feet

As I was walking down the trail to work, and could feel every rock I stepped on, I realized it was time to get new shoes. With birthday money in hand, I went to the mall and started asking around for black running shoes. All was fine and dandy until they asked me what size I am. "On a good day, I fit a women's 5, but sometimes they're too big" At a couple places I actually got laughed at because most only carry as small as a 6. Some of the kids shoes I looked at that would fit had Velcro. I always joke about fitting Hannah Montana light up shoes, but this whole thing was starting to turn against me. I ended up at West 49 where they carried youth sizes, and found a perfect pair. When the guy rung it up though, I got all confused when 50 dollar shoes only had 2 dollars of tax. "Oh, kids shoes don't get taxed do they?"

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