Sunday, November 20, 2011

Festively premature

I strongly believe no one should put their Christmas lights up, or turn them on until Dec 1st. It takes all the magic out of Christmas if you've already been celebrating for a month by the time it rolls around. It's been argued that it's more dangerous to put the lights up the colder it gets because of the whole ladders with ice and frost combinations, but Nov 20th is just far too early. Isn't it enough that Costco has had their Christmas merchandise out since mid September? I talked to a few people about whether or not they'd started their holiday shopping yet, and following gender stereotypes, the two men hadn't started yet, and the two women were finished. One lady even said they were wrapped and under the tree. Tree?? I just think we could all enjoy it more if we're not sick of it by the time it gets here.

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