Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My boudoir adventure

It was easy for my friend to convince me to get boudoir photos done for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, because I'm always looking for ways to be romantic in a guys perspective. But as the shoot got closer, I started to get hesitant about it. Friends of ours had used the photographer, Leida from True Colours Photography in the past, and I liked their pictures. It was just hard to imagine meeting a photographer for the first time, putting on lingerie and making it look super sexy all in one hour.It helped that I went shopping before hand, and got some super cute (and CHEAP!) outfits to wear and I also stole Greg's cowboy hat while he was in Scotland.
When I got to Leida's house in Abbostford, I felt comfortable almost instantly. She'd asked her husband to leave for the day, which I found super respectful. Leida was so professional and encouraging. I could tell as soon as she started taking photos how passionate she was, as she climbed on chairs, and rolled around on the floor getting good angles. She gave some much direction with the posses, I could tell she'd done her homework about boudoir. She also took the time to fix small details like tags sticking out, and pieces of hair here or there before she took photos. At one point during the shoot, I was actually holding myself in and it was that point that I thought, "ok, this is the bounds of where I'm comfortable.." One of the first things I thought when I got in the car was, "I can't believe I did that...and I can't wait to show my family!"
Within a week, I got the chance to preview the pictures after editing, and got a disc in the mail with over 20 shots. I was super pleased with the results, and so was Greg when I gave him an album full of the pictures yesterday.

I think it's healthy to try something slightly out of the box sometimes, and constantly test where your boundaries and levels of comfort are. I had such a great experience with Leida, I would definitely recommend her and True Colours Photography next time you want professional photos done, especially if you want to try boudoir.


  1. OMG Thank you!! you guys were a joy to shoot!

  2. I love the energy and playfulness of this shot! Good for you for going for it! But I would change spelling to "boudoir."

    --Editor Nancy