Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Suggested events

Consider this post a severe warning. Has anyone been on Facebook lately to where it lists your events? They've made a few changes I like, such as including birthdays. But they've also made a change which is utterly ludicrous. Suggested Events pop up with all the events you've actually been invited to. These are events that are public, whom someone on your Facebook has been invited to, and is attending. Lets be clear people, that person could be an ex-boyfriend, ex-friend, someone you only keep on your Facebook to make fun of and don't even like, anyone. No one has make a conscious effort to invite you, they might not even want you there. Sometimes these events are from companies which makes sense, but other times birthdays and house parties pop up. I have nightmares imagining myself showing up to a "suggested event" where everyone looks at me, and in horror I realize who there I actually know, only gets worse from there.

 Beware, suggested events exist, and sometimes it's not pretty.

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