Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wet sneeze

Most people who know me well, are ridiculously aware of my sneezing fits. Since I sneeze 3-12 times in one go, you might consider me an expert on it. For work I serve customers and at times work with food, it's  somewhat inconvenient to sneeze as much as I do. Some sneezes are a simple "ha-choo" - no harm done. But others explode from your nose and mouth in a flurry of snot and drool "HA-kjadshfkjdsahfsdkf" and in horror I realize I've covered myself, and everything close to me. It's hard to come back from this, let me tell you. On the brightside, I've started to learn to tell them apart in the 'about to sneeze' faze, so for the latter I have time to throw on the hazzmat suite, or at least get to a washroom. I'm sure this happens to everyone at least once, eventually...so if you're shaking your head right now, beware!
This picture grosses me out, but it demonstrates my point perfectly.

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