Friday, May 3, 2013

Toilet paper flipper

Everybody has their idiosyncratic tendencies, and I'm told they only amplify as you get older. One of mine is flipping the toilet paper roll around so it's the right way. Lets just be clear that is in fact a right way:

and a wrong way:

Yes that is the toilet paper dispenser in my bathroom because when I tried to describe the difference I sounded insane, and everyone loves pictures. So notice in the second example the paper gets stuck to the wall and is increasingly harder to grab onto? I can't express enough that in some scenarios it's more complicated and difficult, where rolling the toilet paper roll just to get some is necessary. All this explanation is of course to justify the fact that I don't just change the toilet paper roll around at my house, I do it everywhere. I am in every essence of my made up expression, a toilet paper flipper. I can't help but notice it. And now you will too. You're welcome :)

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