Wednesday, October 23, 2013

F-ing yoga

So a while back, a friend of mine from work and I decided to try out a new yoga that opened. We sauntered over after we work one night, met the instructor, laid out our mats and started the class. I considered myself to have been more than a beginner since I have a Yoga app on my phone which I set up a 14 minute program of all my favourite poses that I do once a month. Let me just tell you, this was more than challenging. There was a pretzel on the other side of the room doing everything as good, if not better than the instructor, and I'm thinking there's one of them in every class. The lights were off, the candles were on, the soothing was all enough to inspire you to relax. As I stretched into child's pose though, a big loud fart slipped out, completely against my will. The instructor said, "mmmhmmmm" as if it was a compliment. I was mortified. I thought it couldn't get any worse, until we tried another pose and I fell over. I got up super quickly hoping no one noticed and I could shake it off, but no chance. Everyone was asking if I was ok, people started to come over to me. "I'm FINE! Moving on..." I haven't been back yet.

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