Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bottle me up

Somewhat accidentally, I started contributing to my fundraising for the Ride to Conquer Cancer by taking in my friends bottle returns. It's more lucrative than you'd think! I've made $120 so far! I'd try to thank everyone, but then I'd miss someone. This picture below is from a lovely family who celebrated a wedding, and donated their bottle returns. Want to guess how much it came to?  

$45 was that pull. Even the random guy I bought my bike rack from donated me a carload when he found out I was doing the ride. $20 from that one. He'll be doing it with me next year, should I make it. When I make it. 

But this might work right? Maybe we're onto something. Bottles. A change jar. It's still a donation to a great cause. I need this win guys, help me get there. 

Here's a link to my fundraising page:

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