Thursday, June 25, 2015

Not so Tough a Mudder

Yes folks, I gone and done it again. Instead of one huge line to start Tough Mudder in Whistler this year, we had mini lines at the obstacles. One might prefer this, had it not been raining, and at one point, freezing rain. Half our team couldn't finish due to the cold, so by the time I got to Funky Monkey, I was pretty ready for it all to be over. 

Funky Monkey starts with a wooden platform, monkey bars, and water to plunge into if you don't make it. Spoiler alert, I didn't. But I must have swung backwards, because I also made unfriendly contact with that wooden platform I was telling you about with my arm, before hitting the water. I came up crying. And I kept crying, cold, wet and sore for the last kilometre.

I laughed when we got to the Dead Ringer event for legionaries, because it was upper body strength with your arms. Well, electro shock it was! I managed to finish, but just barely. I was the only person on my team to do every obstacle, but it sure wasn't pretty. And since some of us didn't make it to the end, there are already talks of next year. Not sure how excited I can get about that...

I tried to take a picture where I look hardcore, but this was the result:

Not so much. 

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