Monday, June 29, 2015

Back to back

Cindy and I rode two days back to back in April, and that weekend we pulled 18km on Sunday, and 32km on Monday, so 50km altogether. And it was my first time riding in the rain. HELLLLO skunk tail:

Today and yesterday we also rode back to back, but mostly due to the heat and lack of time, we pulled 10km yesterday and close to 35km today. I've discovered I don't do well in the heat. Even though we're on out bikes by 8am, it's still hot, and yesterday it was almost too much. Today, even though it was a few degrees hotter, the breeze or overcast clouds didn't make it feel as hot. 

Riding on the dikes in Poco today though presented other small challenges. Unleashed dogs being one. Now without sparking a huge debate between dog owners and the rest of the public about leashed dogs, I can say that on a bike, anything unpredictable is unnerving. Despite how well behaved your dog is, the possibility of it running in front of my bike, even more so when it's not in your control to stop it, doesn't bode well. I've been a dog owner most of my life, and how many times did my dogs display biking etiquette? Rarely. 

Another challenge was bugs. #bugsinmyteeth #bugs4breakfast and lets not forget #bugsinmysunblock. Between them and the dust, I actually thought I might have gotten a tan, but sadly it washed off. 

Even more disappointing than that was coming home to this: 

My mentor, cousin, coach and fearless leader Cindy rode us harder today since it was mostly flat and shorter, so Beatie's nerve was almost too much. But then again, I bet she was getting me back for her bath last night...

#wetbed #angrycat #furballrevenge #notimpressed #nocuddles #wetfoodreward 

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