Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Ride

Remember that awful storm we had a couple weekends ago that knocked out a lot of people’s power, that most people didn’t want to drive in? I was riding my bike in that! During the Ride to Conquer Cancer on Aug 29th and 30th, 2086 of us conquered torrential rain, 80-100km winds, and a 10km re-route that included extra hills. We slept in barns, and showered in trailers. I pushed myself to a whole new limit I didn’t know existed. 

They actually had to stop the ride after only 73km the first day due to the weather and safety concerns. A huge shout out to the organizers and volunteers for getting all of us and our bikes from the lunch stop to camp on such short notice. The tents we were supposed to sleep in were blowing over buildings, can you believe it? 

The second day I was pretty done after only 20-30kms, I looked at Cindy and said, "Yea, I don't honestly know if I'm going to make it.." but somehow we did another 100kms, and crossed the finish line to our awaiting family. I put myself to bed at 7:30pm that Sunday evening. Even now, almost two weeks later I still don't feel completely caught up on my sleep. 

Since I had, “Doing it for Dad” written on my jacket, quite a number of people have told me that dad would be proud of me, I hope that’s true. I had donations coming through online before I slept Friday, and as we were getting to the start line Saturday. Altogether I raised $4856.86 and rode my bike just over 200kms. I can’t possibly express the level of gratitude I feel to all my donors, my family, the event organizers, volunteers, fellow riders, and especially my cousin Cindy. My seemingly fearless leader, she encouraged me, lead by example, strong willed and determined. It was a small miracle that I crossed the finish line at all, but also an honour to do it beside you. 

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