Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dodgeless ball

It's official, I'm on a dodgeball team in the Coquitlam Dodgeball League, CDL. I'm on team Damn Good, and my nickname is Shag. Get it? Damn good shag? It's also a dodgeball term for a ball sweeper, because did you know there's different roles? Throwers. Everyone dodges and catches balls theoretically. Based on all of this, you might think I have a single lick of talent at the game, but things haven't changed since middle school when I played. Just in case you don't believe me, I found a picture of me playing. 

A first glance you might mistake me for that amazing thrower in the front, who joined at the same time I did. Look a little closer and you'll see me skulking in the back. Do note the BALL being thrown AT ME, which doesn't seem to concern me in the least. I am in play, I assure you, that's not the sidelines. Gawd, I wasn't even smiling! I had so much fun that night, you'd never know...I actually made two great catches too, which is maybe why I was allowed on a team.

Even now that I'm in a team t-shirt, and I stance a little more ready for's a secret. People might not think we know, but the weakest link, oh we know. Last night it was down to another guy and me against three on another team, and they didn't even hesitate before trying to get him off. Like the vegetables you like least, knock them out first, rest is gravy. 

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