Friday, April 8, 2016

Telus underpants

At my building last week, we had a planned power outage. I thought I was sush a smartie pants setting an alarm in my phone reminding me to unplug my laptop so if the power surged when it came back on, it wouldn't fry the tired old thing. Didn't think about my Telus wireless Internet modem though. So it never started working again properly after the power came back on. So yesterday I spent an hour on the phone, troubleshooting with them trying to get it working. He's asking me where it's plugged in, unplugging it, asking which lights are on. "Well the underpants light comes on intermittently..." He's all confused. 

"The light under the power button. The small pair of underpants!" 

He didn't even try to save face, I had him in stitches. 

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