Monday, December 5, 2016

Snowy adventures

Talk about adulting fail, but I truly didn't believe them when they called for snow. So I didn't plan a way to work that didn't involve my bald summer tires...and I turned my alarm off in my sleep...and woke up to this: 

So I called in saying I'd be late, and trekked like a champ to the bus stop. 

Where two busses with "not in service" splashed me with slush. 

I waited for an hour, nothing. But thank goodness for good friends. Kate's to the rescue! 

Add "buy snow tires" to the list of serious adulting now that I live on a hill. And would you beleive it, we drove from a winter wonderworld to clear roads and a dusting in the matter of a couple blocks down Marmont. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?!??!"

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