Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Snowflake thievery

So last night when I was doing my laundry at midnight (don't ask - been a weird week) I found a note in our elevator. I must add, we've been relatively note free since the lovely passive aggresive gems next to me moved out. But last night I found this: 

As you might have guessed, that's my writing as the "Friendly Elf" which I find clever since I worked in Santaland for six years. It's not as selfless as it seems because the free poinsettias we get from the church down the street cost me $70 to call the pet poison control when Beasty chewed down on it overnight last year. I was already planning to barricade the plant in the bathroom overnight and unload it today somewhere when the opportunity to put it at her door came up. But I beleive in be good in the world, and replacing that poor kids snowflake is the right thing to do. I was thinking this as I took the stairs to the second floor to fetch the elevator between loads (again - don't ask) when I saw someone on the second floor had a snowflake decoration on THEIR DOOR. Right, so if you did steal the decoration from a suite downstairs, you wouldn't have the balls to put it on your door would you? And even if you didn't steal the 4 year olds downstairs, if there was a stolen snowflake on the premis, I would take my snowflake decoration down this year, just to debunk suspicion. #ApartmentDrama 


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