Friday, February 10, 2017


I set out some pretty lofty goals going into 2017, including not eating poutine, not dying my hair, and not drinking. How long I'll be able to keep any of these up, I'm not sure, but there's $100 riding on the drinking if I make it a year. I'll be honest, I kinda like not drinking. There's been times I wanted a glass of wine, on stressful work days like today, or out for dinner and at the bar. But I never have to worry about a ride home. And I'm productive when I get home after, and in the morning. I can make sure my friends get home safe. I'm sure I'm saving money. I bought a round of shots for my dodgeball team, no one cared if I drank one or not. I take responsibility for all my actions, always, without drinking as a fall girl. To nip it in the butt straight away (I know it should be "bud" I'm referencing a previous post) I'm not pregnant. I can see it on some of your faces, you've considered it. No. I just wanted to take a wee break. I foresee some concerns on the horizon, like my sisters wedding, my birthday...but it might be kinda fun to try all those things sober too. Give a wicked speech on sheer lady balls, without the liquid courage! Part of my incentive was all the training I'll do for the Ride, and the half marathon I signed up for in June. I also lost my minions hat while drinking, and it meant a whole lot to me. Of all the stupid things I've done drunk, the handmade minions hat was the last straw. I miss it. 

We'll see how long I can ride this out.  #poutine4life 

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  1. When you let the liquor guide you ... poor decisions follow. My speech at your cousins wedding went a bit like this. In your best scottish accent "as my relatives would say, lets get pissed!". I found it hilarious.... the bride....not so much.