Friday, February 17, 2017

Whistlered right

For family day Whistler had half priced tickets for BC residents, so Serena, Shaun, Jon and I drove up for skiing/boarding. A series of mini events had us up and skiing by noon. Our first priority was taking as many chair lifts as we could to get to the top. We miandered our way down, stopping for a snacky lunch on one of the runs. While eating we even commented, "where is everyone? Feels like we have the mountain to ourselves..." When we finally got to the bottom, we headed over to the Blackcomb side to take the gondola. We all hopped off with our gear at the midstation, and laughing like hyena's rushed back into another gondola with only one guy in it. He turned to us when we settled and composed ourselves and said, "did you guys get stuck on Whistler when it shut down?" And we said, "whatever do you speak of?" Turns out, the whole Whistler side of the mountain was shut down for a couple hours in the middle of the day, some people were stuck on lifts for 45 minutes before they got running again. We missed it. Completely. Let's be clear, I have a healthy fear of heights, and being on a chair lift is one thing, but they swing when they stop, and then dangling there for 45 minutes? I'd have freaked. My friend at work told me about a movie "Frozen" where people got left on a chair lift for a weekend, one got their face stuck to the pole, one froze, one jumped off and got eaten by wolves...sounds like only one got out alive. Lucky bugger. We even lucked out and took our last chair at 3:40pm, and got the most out of our day. Hit up the Longhorn for dinner, I'd recommend it, their poutine is delicious. That's right, I gave in - whole heartedly and I don't regret it. We had an amazing day, and that we avoided a mess made it even better. 


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