Monday, July 11, 2011

10k Run in My Undies

When Aleisha signed us up for the Vancouver Underwear Affair, she opted out of the 5k walk option saying we'll be plenty fit by July. Despite having trained, I wouldn't have described myself as "plenty fit", especially when I hit the 1km mark and uttered obscenities. Aleisha kept running straight until the 2km mark, and had I not mentally blocked myself I might have too. The energy was amazing though, people lined the route to cheer us on, and only a few of them looked to be there for the wrong reasons. I pushed myself hard. The 6km was the longest of my life, most likely because I missed the 7th and 8th km marks, but man was I happy when I hit the 9th! I finished the run in 1h24 minutes and even signed myself up for next year.The after party was crazy, but it's the positive experience and good energy that will stick with me. Aleisha's already talking about crazy names and outfits for next year, so drop me a line if you're down.

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