Monday, July 18, 2011

Generational Courtesy

So Friday I was in a huge line at the bank practising the fine art of being patient, when the woman behind me in line starts chatting me up. She starts to tell me all kinds of things like how she's a sign person and got a check instead of automatic deposit, which threw her off when she tried to buy shoes at Aldo downtown with her debit which she tried 6 times. I would have figured it out after 2 or 3 times, but that's just me. I guess for whatever reason she wasn't expected a line at the bank on Friday, and chatting to me was making the time go by quicker. The bank has these mats with arrows to make the line curve around to the front of the kiosks, and just as I was making a corner, this chatty women cuts the corner to stand in front of me in line. Let it be known that I haven't used the word "budged" since middle school, but she did just that. I moved to stand beside her in line so we were equal, and decided I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt until an open teller called "NEXT" to see what she'd do. Well then she has the audacity to start lecturing me about my generation and how rude we are. "Never see kids give up their seats for the elderly anymore" she says. I told her I do. But she ironically she goes on and on about the lack of respect, just as a teller opens up. Before they can even finish the one syllable word, she tromps over there and starts complain to the clerk about the long line. I turn to the guy about my age standing behind me in line, which judging from the smile on his face, has watched the whole thing play out. I smile a little back at him, and then patiently wait my turn.

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