Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Change

The Beat radio station was talking about the Bad Parent club the other day, and the membership fee was a story of how you'd goofed up and the theme seemed to be pool related stories. It reminded me of a time my dad took my sister and I to the pool when I was kid. When we got to the change room doors, he stopped and cocked his head at the "Family Change" room. Thinking, "I'm a new age kinda guy" he grabbed our hands and in we went. Like both the women and men change rooms, we were greeted by rows of lockers where we all started to change into our bathing suits. Two teenage girls came in shortly after us and gawked, which was off putting for dad, even as a new age man. We whispered about how weird the whole thing was, and how next time we'd just go to the regular ones. On the way to the pool we pasted the large rooms you were actually supposed to change in, as a family.

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