Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bad after date

I'm sure everyone knows someone who's a stickler about best before dates on food. My sister won't eat anything if she knows the dates gone by already, and sometimes she's throw something out a couple days before just to be on the safe side. I'm the complete opposite. I sniff test, and cut or peel off bad/moldy parts all the time.

That date for me is just a guideline, and isn't it technically just the last day the store can sell the product? When I shop I hunt for the food that's been discounted because it's about the expire, and those yellow stickers get me excited. It works especially if you freeze food to eat it later, like my parents who used to buy egg nog after Christmas when it was super cheap so we'd have some all year long. Maybe I'll think differently the day I make myself and/or others sick. Yes it's best before, but I don't consider it a "bad after date".

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