Sunday, June 9, 2013

Drunk glasses

In April Clearly Contacts was having this deal where you got your first pair of glasses free, you only had to pay the shipping. So for around $15 I could get a whole new pair of glasses! I needed my eyes tested anyhow, so I called to make an appointment with my optometrist, but only day they could see me was the last day the deal was on. So by the time I got around to ordering them, it was late and I was quite tired. Anyone who doesn't need glasses might not have ever seen the prescription sheet they give you, but it's pretty cryptic looking...

My pink heart glasses came only a few days later, and I couldn't open the box fast enough. I put them on and...ugh. Everything was mega blurry and off quilter, they felt like drunk goggles. I staggered and stumbled to the bathroom to see what they looked like and hit everything on the way there. When I closed one eye though, they were great! So it turns out,  I entered my prescription wrong in the left eye.

I emailed Clearly Contacts not expecting much since it was my own darn fault, but I was pleasantly surprised. They sent me a shipping label to sent back the wrong pair, and sent me the right pair in another couple days, free of charge. Despite my error, their customer service was FABULOUS! So maybe ordering your glasses online has some kinks, but they've got them all worked out I'd say. No more fashionably drunk glasses for me!

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