Friday, August 2, 2013

Beef with email ads

Lately I've found myself super critical of email ads, which isn't hard because I get a lot of them. I'm members of all the deal sites, and I LOVE putting my name, and conveniently my email in for draws. One day three caught my eye in one email.

Look! Take these pills and you can be headless too! Who needs healthy food and exercise? One catch, you have to be great with photoshop. 

I want to know where in Granville Island this was taken, because it looks like somewhere tropcial off a coast. Very unlike the water I've seen near Granville Island...

And in their defense, this picture is completely accurate. Anyone who's ever taken photo's in a photobooth with props, which is a new trend at weddings and other events, knows this to be true. If there's four shots, count your entire head to be blocked out in at least one of them. 

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