Monday, August 19, 2013

Green tea grimace

My favourite part about selling ice cream in the mall, is letting people try our new flavours when they come in. Root beer float was a hit, and people go nuts over the sea salt caramel. So when we got the green tea flavour, I was all over letting people try it. It's not that appetizing of a colour either, so sometimes I have to talk people into taking a free sample. And then the magic happens. Before I tried it, I thought people were nuts for making funny faces and deciding how they were going to swallow it without their gag reflex kicking in. I love green tea! And then I had some.

 It's HORRID! Absolutely terrible! Pasty and chalky, and then the bitter/tangy after taste kicks in. Its a little twisted, but now I know how gross it is, I get even more excited about letting people try it. The occasional person isn't lying through their green teeth when they say they like it, but that's always less interesting.

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