Saturday, August 3, 2013

Embarrassing tentacle

Whenever someone asks, "what is your most embarrassing moment?" I have a few great stories to pick from. Foot in mouth is sometimes a constant state of being for me. One such occasion happened way back in 2001, at a little place called Banting Middle School. Since most of the class didn't bother to show up (snow maybe?), instead of teaching us, my teacher decided to have us read scripts from Star Wars. Anyone familiar with the series remembers the part where Luke Skywalker and his gang is stuck in a garbage compactor, and there's a large octopus-like monster trying to kill them.

Well the line was, "the BIG, SLIMY tentacle grabbed Luke and pulled him under the garbage" Oh yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, not only was I 13 and I said the word TESTICLE in front of everyone, but it happened to have BIG and SLIMY in front of it. If you've ever seen an entire room full of people, teacher included, laugh so hard they all fall on the floor, you know how dramatic and humiliating this was. It would probably have bothered me more if I could have caught my breath and got up off the floor.

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