Thursday, November 21, 2013

My 10 year old self

I've often thought what my 10 year old self might think should I run into her on the street one day and she asks about our life now. A few things she'd ask about right away I'm sure are how much money I'm allotted to spend on 5 cent candies, and I would have to break the news that although candies are still 5 cents, and I can spend all the money I want on candy, I try not to. She would be super impressed that I buy all my own clothes, drive a car, and work at store that sells chocolate. She might be surprised that I look forward to bed time. I might warn her that in a couple years things are gunna get weird, but that we make it out ok, and the divorce makes my relationships stronger. She might get excited to find out I live on my own, but I'll tell her the truth - that I miss dad at least once everyday, and sometimes wish we lived together again.She might laugh at me when I tell her about how close I am with my sister, and how I picked up another along the way. She might also ask if I have a boyfriend, but I won't tell her about Greg, so she can suddenly experience the revelation of falling in love with her best friend like I did. I might be surprised talking to her, how different we are; how far I've come  and how much I've changed.

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  1. Love it! Remember to tell her how much her Auntie Cathy loves her!!!