Monday, November 18, 2013

Pizza tracker

For anyone who hasn't ordered a pizza in a while (for me it's been a few years) let me just tell you, it's changed a little. Gone are the days you call, and ask 50 million questions about your order. As are the days you sit around wondering if anything's actually going to show up at your door in a timely manner. Oh yea people, as with most things, this too has gone online. 

Not only can you special order your pizza with toppings on this half or that, with all the sides and pay with a coupon, you can watch the steps of your pizza progress. It also tells you by whom it is being made, put in the oven, delivered by. 

This was neat because then when I made my usual sign about not knocking on my landlords door I could say, "Alan! Please deliver the pizza over here --->" He seemed amused. 

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