Monday, November 4, 2013

Waved on

I swear they made the new Coast Meridian overpass in Poco with police road blocks in mind, because you don't know they're even there until you're in them. Such was the case last WEDNESDAY on my way home. Honestly? I know it's topless bull riding night at Roosters, but still...So anyways, there I was driving over, and I diligently rolled my window down, expecting to see a cop about to lean in, but no one. There was one officer with someone pulled over farther ahead in the other lane, and all the other officers were on the other side of the meridian. I stopped to see if anyone was going to walk over, and a cop on the other side of the bridge takes one look at me and waves me through. I guess my hardcore badass days are over, if they even happened. I was actually excited to tell someone that I'd just been at a Christmas cardmaking class with my two friends who live on that side of Poco, and would you like to see what I made? See this technique was with a heat tool....

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