Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mid 20's life on the edge

I constantly marvel at how our perceptions change as we get older. Since realizing that I'm getting old and boring, I realized my daily excitement has also changed. No longer do I care about going shopping for new clothes, or staying up as late as possible, or going out to clubs. Lately some silly things give me that edge of excitement I crave, such as:

1. Putting off getting gas
Talk about playing a game of roulette! I used to fill up when I got to a quarter of a tank, but lately rolling in on fumes, and wondering slightly if I'll make it has it's thrill.

2. Walking away from grocery shopping cart
I used to guard the thing like they were already my possessions and everyone in the store was looking to steal them, but lately I walk away just for fun. Maybe someone will buy them, transport them, and put them away at my house with any luck.

3. When things go on sale
I seem to be the only one in my generation that knows what a raincheck is. Look into it. Seriously.

4. Book comes in at the library
I have exclaimed in excitement before, but this is severely jarring for the innocent, quiet library goers.

Yup. Pretty exciting :)

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