Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bad fighters

I was getting into my car the other day when I heard the end of an argument between two of my neighbours about parking. I heard the one guy closest to me say, "Don't think I don't see what you're doing here, keep it up and I'll...well I'll...put a bunch of spare tires around your truck!" and I laughed. What a threat! How awful would that be to move those tires!

It made me realize I have an appreciation for bad fighters. Lets face it, good fighters, those people who get into altercations all the time and know how to handle themselves, they're just no fun.

Maybe it's because I definitely fit the bill of a bad fighter. I never usually end the sentence, "Yea, well do that and I'll..." with anything threatening. Something ridiculous comes stumbling out, and it's usually followed with my thinking, "gawd, that was stupid.." It's ok to laugh.

"Yea well, I'll stop doing your laundry then!!" Or I forget its a threat altogether and offer to do something nice. "Yea well, I'll just do your laundry for the rest of my life then!!"

By the way, when you google "verbal altercation" this picture of Justin Beiber comes up.

Way to go kid, you're making us proud to be Canadian. :P

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