Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fishing away - POF Sequel

There's this huge stigma online of being "weird". Everyone is trying to be skinny, and assure you, "it's ok, I'm normal". Well I'm neither. And usually when they say that, they aren't either for the record. I've found vanilla, and honestly, it's so very bland. I've actually started asking, "what's your favourite Ice Cream flavour?"

I've taken on a "balls out" mentality. My being so blunt, and open has definitely been interpreted the wrong way. But it's a chance I'm willing to take. I read on a guy's profile that he described his personality as, "straight edge" I didn't even respond to him. Whatever ugly turn of events we'd take to find that out, I saved him from it.

What am I going to gain by faking my personality and covering up my outlandishness? Nothing. A cruel awakening for him at some point is inevitable.

Part of me is actually hoping I don't run into "the one" online. The poor sucker already has to spend the rest of his life with me, the thought of him also being subjected to the ridiculousness and absurdity of humanity? Cruel world indeed.

I found Mr Wrong. He called me a "chubby b****" because I wouldn't sleep with him. Yup. I'm a tease, with too much attitude that wasted his time. And did you know there's actually a website for gents like this gem? My friend suggested it to me as I was slumped in front of the mirror, a well timed confidence boost, and part of the reason she's so dear to me.

Something else I've learned, don't drink and online date. Sending a poor guy this snapshot might even seem like a good idea. At the time.

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