Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just another fish...

Of which there are PLENTY? Oh yes, that's right people. Last night I set up my very own account on Plenty of Fish. POF the cool kids call it. Funny, because Monday I was just telling a close friend of mine I couldn't get excited about dating. But I had my sister's over, and in retrospect, it could have been strategic that they waited until I was half cut.

First hurdle we had was username. I wanted to pick, "SpunkyJenn" until it was brought to my attention the other meaning of "spunk", in which case being full of spunk might not be the good first impression I'm going for. "FunkyJenn" it is.

Do you know how many QUESTIONS there are to fill out a complete profile? Holy MAN! And not even that I discovered anything new about myself, but my sisters opinions of me. "Are you SURE Jenn? You want to hit 'agree' on that one? You don't consider yourself stubborn? Not even a little bit??"

They have a section similar to Tinder, only better. They have Yes. No. MAYBE!! I just keep hitting that maybe button just to show enthusiasm that it even exists! I honour you, maybe button. 

I'm petrified of running into someone I know. I've run into Tinder guys, and that's awkward enough, because as if I can remember the conversation we had, or ANYTHING about them. But what happens when I run into someone I know from real life? And it will happen. Only a matter of time...

And who could say no to THAT offer? Ugh.At least he said, "bottle of coke..." I'm not going to meet Mr Right am I, Mr RIGHT NOW maybe...;) 

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  1. Technically speaking, 2/6 of his offers would be a splendid way to spend a evening. Netflix and booze are fine, just without creepers and their Costco size bulk lube.