Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bad food/deodorant

Some of you might remember my post about best before dates, doesn't mean bad after in which I admitted to having somewhat relaxed feelings towards expired food. In writing it, and admitting how much I don't care, I'm actually surprised I haven't given myself food poisoning yet *knock on wood* This came up recently with Matt, as most undesirable personality traits often do in new relationships. It's especially bad because he works in the restaurant industry, so food is more his thing and his department.
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So the other day we came home with a little more for my wee freezer than it could take, and I admitted I had some meat in the back that my mom gave me when she was moving. In early 2014. The meat went with me to Greg's parents place, and then came here. "You know stuff still expires, even in the freezer.." he says. No, of course not. The freezer is a magical box that keeps things good forever! I could see him trying super hard not to judge me as I produced the bundles from the back, and we made guesses as to what they used to be.
That was all fun and games until I went to put my deoderant on, and said to Matt, "Wow, did you know these have expiry dates too!!??? 04-2010. Shit, is that five years ago...?" *facepalm*

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