Monday, February 23, 2015

First flat

Yesterday, my cousin and I did another training ride to prepare for the Ride to Conquer Cancer coming up in August this year. We tackled a shorter ride, only 26km, but with long intense hills. So there we were, riding along...ok Cindy was riding along like it was no big deal, I was hunched over my handle bars panting like a dog, when all of a sudden it felt like I was running something over. And over. And over again. When I got off and inspected my wheel, we found a huge screw sticking out of it. 

Luckily I had a spare tube, and Cindy had a pump. I thought she was expertly fixing the problem, so when a lady rode past and asked to help us, I enthusiastically declined. At which time Cindy looked me dead in the eyes and said, "we don't refuse help...!" So when five minutes later, a gorgeous guy riding by asked, that we did not. He had the whole thing fixed right up in 15 minutes, including fixing my squeaky brakes, which the bike shop I paid over a hundred dollars to for a tune up last month must have missed.

I learned a couple important lessons. The biking community is very much a helping, supportive group of people, who won't let you struggle on the side of the road for long. And should you find yourself in trouble, a good looking man should be along shortly to fix all your problems. Right?

All this training is great, but only worth it if I make my fundraising goal. Copy and paste this link to your browser to donate to my cause:

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