Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I had a life changing experience today when I was taking my old blinds, paint cans and ugly lamp to the recycling depot. If you can imagine, I'm dressed in business work attire for my shift after, and I pull up all smiles to the depot just down from my new place. 

"Well hello there, your website wasn't so clear, you'll take my blinds right?" 
"No actually, you'll have to take them to the dump next door for $25..." 
I can't imagine the look of sheer disappointment that came over my face because then he says, "Ok, you help me, I'll help you. If you separate the fabric from the metal frame, I throw out the fabric and recycle the frame." So there I am aggressively ripping the dusty fabric from the hinges, and we make small talk. "I just bought a condo, and I'm learning how to do small renovations, I have tools now!" And it's getting harder to pull them off, so I put my foot up on the bar as I'm tearing at them. "And no boyfriend to do this stuff for you hey?" YANK. Heaving my whole body into it. "Nope. No I don't."  
And then the best part. I got to walk the ugly lamp to the giant pile of crap, literally throw it out of my life. 

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating about how ugly it was or how good it felt to huck it. Who knew heavenly people wore reflector overalls and worked at recycling depots? 

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