Sunday, November 1, 2015

Chez Jennz - a yelp review

As per my buddy Derrek: 
This was my first dining experience at Jenn's place, and my, what an experience it was. The place is small, quaint even, with a fun décor from what I could see. I say that, because much of the aesthetic was covered by clutter and boxes. I understand that they are in the process of moving, but to have so much sitting up front made it feel like I was somehow intruding. The wait staff was very friendly though, and service was very attentive. My meal, however, was a unique experience. Attempting to be post modernist, my Belgian waffle came 'deconstructed', and more resembled a salad than a breakfast classic. 

The raspberries, a welcome addition, had yet to be properly thawed, and so adorned what I was assured was the latest culinary trend half frozen, perhaps in horror of my thin tea, so clearly re-steeped. A final chocolate was a welcome addition, but the raspberry filling, which even the hostess admitted to disliking, only served to tauntingly remind me of the raspberries before. Aesthetic complaints aside, however, the meal was quite enjoyable, and the conversation with the hostess a welcome bit of personality. It also didn't hurt that she was a total babe and I'm not sure she was wearing any pants. She was also quite the trooper, carrying on with her shift after apparently suffering a seizure that brought her inexplicably laughing to the ground. All in all a great bit of local color with some mostly aesthetic complaints. 3.5 stars.

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