Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shook up

For the record, the nights I've slept without some lights on at my new place since I've been here have been few and far between. Turns out, I'm a HUGE whimp. I don't watch scary movies, and right now there's an AD for one that creeps me right out. I slept on my parents floor when I was scared once, I don't even remember what spooked me, but I was 22. Now that you're properly prefaced, remember that earthquake we had last week? I was home alone, with the cat. Reading my book in bed. I heard intense creaking above me, like 100 people all jumped on the floor at once. And then my bed shook, real good. I was petrified. First I didn't move, I was hoping I could keep reading and forget it happened. Then my phone started going off. Yup, earthquake alright. I was messaging my auntie in LA who's been through tonnes. She found this:
I went to stay at a friends house. I was worried it was just a tremor for the bigger, badder earthquake. I was still shaking like a leaf when I got there. My co-worker pointed out that driving was silly, "don't the roads just crack open right up and suck you up?" That's a nice thought... Here's the freaky part though. Earlier that night I was organizing all my photos, a modest 2000 in four months, off my phone to make room. I'd put them on my computer and my removable disk drive, just to be safe. Then I thought I'd put the disk drive in my earthquake kit, so if I need to leave in a hurry, I have it. I found it in the back of my storage room and thought, "well that's silly, it needs to be closer to an exit!" So I picked it up, and moved it. I moved my earthquake kit closer to the door the night we had one. Do I think I'm psychic? Absolutely not. Is it possible it's not entirely a coincidence? Maybe. Weird things sometimes happen when you got someone on the other side looking out for ya I'm thinking. 

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