Monday, July 18, 2016

Misplaced sympathy

Here's the trouble I'm having with pet ownership, misplaced sympathy. I tell people the cat puked in my bed and they're all, "oh poor kitty cat was sick! How's she feeling now?" Uh...who cares? She could have puked anywhere in the whole damn apartment, but she CHOSE MY BED! I was probably even sleeping in it at the time, and then I had to clean it up. Not just about that though, everything. Cat kept me up all night, "oh why isn't she sleeping?" Because she'd rather paw at my face at 4am for pets. I had to go to work the next day haven been woken up 4 times, she's at home sleeping, who do you feel bad for? If I was in a situation where someone was cleaning my droppings out of a litter box, I'd feel pretty damn bad about it. My cat sits somewhere she can see me, and stares at me. Then she doesn't even wait until I leave the room with the stinky litter before she's in there using it again. "That will do, slave." Lately she's made a habit of hiding near the door and running out when we open it. One day Kyle was leaving, and she was sneaking out and he almost caught her, I said, "No, if she wants to go, let her. You think you have it so bad here? Huh? Be my guest kitty cat!" She sniffs around and runs back inside terrified, but my neighbours still probably think I'm nuts. Probably not far off...

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